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Virtual Assistance

Virtual Assistant

A FREE 30-minute virtual chat is provided on projects up to the point that the client signs a service agreement.  All other meetings and phone calls will be charged at an hourly rate of $45 and rounded up to the nearest minute. A Client Intake Form must be completed prior to scheduling a virtual chat. 

Services Offered

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

A growth-oriented package aimed at expanding the client's digital footprint and attracting new business opportunities. It leverages the latest in digital marketing, content creation, and social media strategies to build presence and client base in a sophisticated, yet approachable manner.


Elite Communication Management

An all-encompassing service designed to streamline all facets of client communication. This includes managing emails and calls, enhancing client relationships through timely and informed responses, and ensuring every client feels valued and engaged.


Optimized Schedule Mastery

A comprehensive scheduling solution that meticulously manages appointments, deadlines, and commitments. It's designed to maximize productivity and efficiency, ensuring a harmonious balance in the professional's calendar without overloading or conflicts.


Billing Workflow Enhancement

This solution focuses on the seamless management of financial documentation and processes, including billing, invoicing, and payment tracking. It ensures accuracy, timeliness, and financial health for professionals, streamlining their administrative load.


Seamless Onboarding & Data Integrity

A dual-focused offer that simplifies the client onboarding experience and maintains the highest standards of data management. It ensures smooth client integration and meticulous organization of critical information, fostering trust and efficiency.


Bespoke Professional Support

A customizable package that allows clients to mix and match services to suit their unique needs. This flexible approach ensures that professionals receive tailored support, from communication and scheduling to financial management and digital marketing, all without the constraints of industry-specific language.

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How the Process Works


Get in Touch

Please indicate your interest by filling out the Client Intake Form. Schedule a 30-minute virtual chat so that we can talk about the main goals you would like to achieve for your business.


Review the Plan    

A service agreement will be sent to you detailing the specific solutions we will provide and what you can expect.


Secure the Deal

We work with a limited number of clients each month in order to deliver the best and most personalized experience possible. A 50% deposit is required to begin our partnership.

Delivering Business Solutions & Excellence

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