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Image by Augustine Wong

Meet your solutionist

Hi, I'm Alicia! Your Solutionist.


I’m the Virtual Mastermind behind ALJBNS and your “go to” for handling tasks that consume your time and energy. Yes, it’s true, I’m all about excellence, organization, details, and a lover of all things coconut.

Over two decades of my corporate career was spent cultivating knowledge in the area of client relations, event planning, digital marketing, and contract administration, which I now use as the foundation for my own business. I am a Certified Digital Marketing Professional with the Digital Marketing Institute and a Certified Digital Marketer with the American Marketing Association.

My energy, experience as a serial entrepreneur, efficiency and problem-solving skills make collaborating with me a game-changer for my clients.  And let’s face it, as a busy entrepreneur there is so much more that you could get done if you just had a little “extra help”.

Image by Augustine Wong
 Coconut > every other fruit! Period 


we will revolutionize your workflow!

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